Title:  Growing tired.

Author:   supineplath
Category:   Love
Keywords:  growing tired

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WIll you tell me when you're tired of me?
when the look of the day is the only thing left to see?
when you've figured out all there is to be? to being me?
When you know the ins and outs of my emotions and reactions,
and my downfalls and my sorrows, but better yet my happiness.
When there is nothing left to figure out what it is to be me,
will you grow tired?
Will there be a time when seeing me doesn't fulfill the need you have,
the need you seek to get you through until the next day?
Will you ever grow tired of this smile, the one that appears everytime you're near,
which will never stop showing up right when you're about to give up. on me. but you don't.

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