Title:  Death to the ego

Author:   JamBoldOne
Category:   Life
Keywords:  ego

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I stare my ego in the eye
as i watch it die
removing the blood soaked knife
I remember as it ruled my life
lost in self centered blindness that was me
reality was lost i just could not see
beyond the vale of my own reflection
to the truth of my heart's connection
my mind was stuck on more more more
forcing me to this bloody gore
thrusting the knife into my egos chest
memories of how it would molest
are etched into my brain
now cause my egos pain
it bleeds out all over the ground
causing hallucinations of the reality i have found
but now as i watch my ego die
this reality becomes less of a lie
as the vale lifts the real sets in
now my life can truly begin

Comments on "Death to the ego"
Posted by hbrewer333 on April 24, 2013
I like it because it captures such a tough thing to do