Title:  Prometheus.

Author:   amv79
Category:   Surreal
Keywords:  God, Shine, Domes, Liver,

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Once upon a time there was you and me, and nothing was really much troblue, everything was normal- land; harmony ruled the mortal-land with jesus by its side: and it was so her.
The land was jelous of Jesus my love, and the titans were furious against me, cause I was and still, am in love with that queen, and that queen is her, and that her is you, and I miss you so much, and I am sad cause I miss you, but the titans know better, but not better than what God knows: and that is what Prometheus stole from God, he stole love, our love; forbidden and scarce of reality flesh.

Even know, thay we are apart, and that you know who I am truly, all my mistakes, all my everything, you know it well odin love, I am not as bad as people think I am, am just growing up, I am a rebel without a cause. I need protection from God, cause I love him so much, but I love you too! Love to saints the better God gets.

Love to saints the better God gets, Yeah! God created itself into a deacon, noble little creature with black goo of locks, and reviving outside itself from the liver eating birth, crawls an sprawls through the halls of the Babylon craft masterplan , was it new day, new sun because of picking up now! Relied how happy it is of walking the earth, penis-creek rocks and sperm whales were not created yet, but already crafted in the numerical draft ready for picking up!

Glorious spoken words, bounded narrator establishing the course of the creation of Man! Floyd, Tarot and excrement matter! Shrieks reveal a world of several Requiems, ancient monolithic dome head with the size of God, least realistic exploration of time as at those moments God was the critter, deacon devil creature shaped like a dog! Immense essence as their global shaped smiles were black, teeth as shiny quartz diamond shine as the why of how I scream and scream as the how of why I shine!

Revolve under the sun controls apparatus, God crawls through the sand grey lands to admire the thousand domes, each one opens up for picking up now, eggs of bio-shit matter ready to colonize dunes, exterminate domes and transforming planets terminating the job the God deacon was too puny to endure and finish because of love, as he felt alone and pale, black-skinned rascal tears apart his left lung, and dies to a place near the liver, river beside her, wait as she is born, creating companion to feel less lonely lovely! The world collides with mine, my head stands the peak of this Requiem; Sometime Feeling this, question me titan-God: Why haven't I killed myself!

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