Title:  Hidden soldiers

Author:   ktracey
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  soldiers, death

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They stand guard, keeping us safe
Heroes of life, angels of death
War cry’s that fire when guns are ablaze
Protectors of peace, guardians of freedom
No respect for what they do
Dishonor abound for the weeping angel

Bloodshed and agony like living and breathing
So used to it, so they press on
So rare they’re seen
Because after they leave
To a field of the damned and lost
Violence my friend, that is the cost

Captured or not, they’re still trapped
Still they press on in a never ending war
Whatever battle may come, they keep going
Walk, thy sons of the damned, march towards death
Never mattered who won, they still died on the inside
Rotting away, their screams heard in the night
Forever a soldier and forever they fight.

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