Title:  Celeste

Author:   Allen Paulson
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  bingo, pest, loud, obnoxious

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Celeste was a pest.
She thought she was the best.
She'd tear you down with her frown.
To get you off her chest.

Her latest lingo was playing bingo.
At the local hall.
She tried to interfere with a call.
It made you want to ball.

The classic chick was so thick.
She'd sashe through the crowd.
Knock over anyone in the way.
It was like watching a large cow.

She dobbed her numbers and repeat the words.
So everyone got it right.
She'd tiptoe to the popcorn stand.
Oh my what a sight.

Celeste the pest was really the best.
Pudding in the pie.
If you got a taste of her.
She would make you cry.

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