Title:  A State of Nirvana

Author:   Rextremens
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  Nirvana

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Here sit I,
Nail biting and tongue twisted,
Time goes by,
It struggles to become clear to me,
It struggles to form clarity,
How can I see without my vision,
All the roads here have led to derision,
Ditch the outdated maps and shred them to pieces,
That's my decision,
A figure of reason begins to form
And in it's vague outline forms sense,
A rush of revision takes hold and is born,
For I beheld a creation of my very own,
Taring down my defenses,
My Pride,
And all of my evangelical inventions,
Now I'm a patient who's forgotten his trauma,
Now I'm a patient who's discovered Nirvana.

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