Title:  Away With The Fairies

Author:   erogers93
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Hurt, Life, Love, Betrayal, Fantasy, Dreams

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I'm away with the fairies
and I'm happy to be
alone with my memories
nothing bothering me,

And I cry to the night
with a silvery sigh
and I can't understand
why you didn't reply,

All alone with my memories
is better for me
than smothered by the present
the futures a tease,

I wouldn't have known
if you hadn't of said
and maybe I wouldn't be
alone in my head,

Remember me sweetly
is all that I ask
It's not good for you to
think ill of the past,

Three is a crowd
is what I am told
what if one were a secret
wouldn't that be bold,

Everything is fine,
happy as can be,
as long as nobody
pulls the wool over me,

We may have sinned,
it may be dim
and everything you do
reminds me of him

Love maybe not
but that doesn't mean
that it wasn't important
be it unforeseen

The worst was the taste,
of the pain I had caused,
when it turned around on me
without second thought.

Comments on "Away With The Fairies"
Posted by eric88 on May 02, 2013
really love the flow this provides. Was a joy to read, keep up the great work