Title:  We miss You Dan

Author:   lancslori
Category:   Memories
Keywords:  Miss you, son

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Your feet would hang out of your bed, cos you had got so tall,
Your shadow once so low down was so high up on the wall.
Dirty socks and dirty pots, were left on your bedroom floor,
But you’re not here to mess up your bedroom any more.
Shouting at your x-box, when games wouldn’t go your way,
You would laugh, we miss that sound, we miss it every day.
Clothes you would dump anywhere, leave toothpaste on the sink,
Always asking us for money, you were conning us we think!!
We loved your bonny face tho, we loved the bond we had,
The way we laughed together, you were our perfect lad.
Our lives now have an empty space, we miss you more and more,
It’s too quiet in the house now, please walk back through the door!
That day will always stay with us, the day you went away,
We love you Dan with all our hearts, that love will always stay.
The love we have for each other, gives us strength to carry on,
Sleep well our star, our shining light, until we meet again dear Son.

Comments on "We miss You Dan"
Posted by ESharon on December 26, 2013
Wonderful poem. You and your entire family will be in my prayers tonight. God bless.

Posted by lancslori on May 15, 2013
Thank you :) I will be posting quite a few more...., find it helps to actually write down and share how we feel, so as they say - watch this space... x

Posted by RianPitan on May 15, 2013
This poem was very touching! Thank you for sharing. I am genuinely sorry for your loss and hope that you will continue putting your feelings into your poetry. It's a wonderful way to express emotion especially as deeply as you are feeling at this moment in your life, dealing with the loss of your son. You hang in there and keep plugging along. I'm sure that your son would want you to find peace!