Title:  Lantern Tribute

Author:   lancslori
Category:   Memories
Keywords:  Lantern

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So many people, tears in their eyes,
Had brought their lanterns to light up the skies,
Each with a message, a hug and a kiss,
To say that you are someone special we’ll miss.
Family and friends came down to the park,
The night was cold and rainy and dark
We were all heartbroken, we just couldn’t believe
That you had gone, and had left us to grieve.
We released our lanterns one by one
They drifted towards Heaven, towards you my Son
We cried, held each other, we looked up in awe
At the flickering lights, each like a star.
We were cold and wet but what a beautiful sight
As all those lanterns brightened the night.
Fireworks, applause, three cheers rang out,
So much love for you, of that I’ve no doubt.
It was so hard to speak, and to say your name,
But I thanked them for coming through my tears and pain.
Oh Daniel, I hope you felt the warmth of that love
And it helped you feel safe in your place up above.
Please read those messages, keep them in your heart
It’s only for a while that we are apart.
For now just remember I miss your voice, your touch,
And I love you my son, I love you so much.

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