Title:  I am an ocean

Author:   ChristinaI
Category:   Nature
Keywords:  ocean, comparison, personificatiion, metaphor,

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I am an Ocean

I am an Ocean
I can be gentle at times: so gentle that some might be in awe of my serenity
I am a home for those who love me. I will always be there for those who need me
When I am stormy, trying to cross me is a death wish.
I don’t do it on purpose, but sometimes I hurt the ones who love me when I am angry
Just as an ocean might hurt a surfer when he tries to ride the roughest waves
When I am calm, my friends and family are like a crowded beach on a hot day
Suddenly, I am moody and the beach clears out.
Then the sky seems even more lonely and dark
Only the bravest ones will try to conquer me during a storm
My best friend or my closest relative trying to make me feel better when I am feeling low
Just like a fearless surfer ignoring his brain and following his heart when he surfs at the heart of a storm
Some come into my life and they might fear me
Disinterested in swimming in the water when they step on shells or see crabs
Don’t worry!
Those annoying flaws you see will become less apparent when you get past them
Step through the shells to get deeper in our friendship, and you will be surprised to see that the shells aren’t everywhere! There are still the annoying fish around but you don’t notice when you see how fun being with me can be.
Some don’t even care about those shells
They find them pretty or interesting
Or just float above them and make it deep into our relationship without even noticing my flaws!
Above all I am just like any other natural structure
I have those who fit into my life perfectly
And those who might be happier with a mountain instead
Either way, I appreciate those who stick with me year after year
Through my beautiful beach days
And my ugly stormy days

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Posted by ChristinaI on May 19, 2013
and that comment has a lot of typos:/

Posted by ChristinaI on May 19, 2013
This poem is not as personal because I was for school. I had some other things that I removed when I remembered I have to read it in from n my class!