Title:  Just a Girl

Author:   Just.A.Girl
Category:   Life
Keywords:  tears, falling apart

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I'm falling apart
These shadows in my heart
From the depth of the cracks
Of the glue that it lacks
I used to have them all
But the pieces began to fall
I once held them so firm
But was quick to learn
That wills can grow weak
That tears can leak
The glue is coming undone
And I'm so ready to run
I've lost my control
And I'm beginning to pay the toll
Who was I kidding?
The smiles weren't fitting
I've built this pile so tall
I guess it was bound to fall
Losing myself to society
No sense of propriety
Wanted to take on it all
Now just dreading the fall
Thought I could take on the world
But it turns out... I'm just a girl

CEC 4:00am 10/18/2011

Comments on "Just a Girl"
Posted by Just.A.Girl on February 13, 2012
Thanks! I appreciate it.

Posted by mherrmann14 on February 06, 2012
This is a great poem. I love how the emotions are pouring out of the text.