Title:  The Human Way

Author:   Rayona
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Human, cruel, kind, pain,

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Human cruel and Human kind.
Human open, Human blind.

The way is certain, for soon we'll fall.
The Human hasn't learnt at all.

The Human place, we've come to rest.
We show no fear, for we are blessed.
With the Human state. The Human mind.
The greatest beast you'll ever find.

Human selfish, Human pure.
Human innocence is no more.
On this Earth for far too long.
Our Human ways have worn the ground.

The Human face is more than it seems.
A range of colors to spread the seeds.
Our faces may hold similar traits.
But behind those eyes show a dark disgrace.

Human bloody. The Human grace.
Human makes a foul taste.
We rot our power till it goes to waste.
The Human heart is an ugly place.

Human kill so Human cry.
Human hurt so Human die.
Human feast on the minds of young.
This Human way just can't go on.

Humanity is used as a kinder word.
Humanity is what this world deserves.
Humanity hears yet humanity stares.
Humanity ignores the Human care.

Human go and Human stay.
Can we work before we play.
Live for life and not just for today.
We Humans need to find our way.

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