Title:  Closing the Distance

Author:   Shadowed Pen
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  Possibly song lyrics

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I sit by the streaming water
Wondering how I’ll live my life today
And as I sit there and ponder
I dream my whole day away
Sunlight reflects over those open waters
Reminding us of the desperate measures
That we all take to show we’re still alive
But what do we do when we lose our drive?
The shading trees protect my solitude
Willow branches dancing in the wind
And as the daylight comes to an end
I think I’ve been misunderstood again
I live for the melody singing in my head
Never for submissive conformity
All chains of responsibility I have shed
Music has set me truly free
Moonlight threatens to soften those waters
The ones that glared so defiantly
As I stand to leave I quickly falter
The night’s so dark I can barely see
I’m swallowed by the comfort of the sound
Lost again in the dreams that make me feel
Feet rooted to the expanding ground
And I begin to wonder, what is real?

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