Title:  Forgotten

Author:   Shadowed Pen
Category:   Life
Keywords:  graveyard musings

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The sun stretches long shadows on those forgotten
An air of the remembrance of life is omnipotent
Such a beautiful place, but stained by decadence, ignorance, and neglect
Time has little effect here; it is only shown by our Mother
A wearing down of small statues; representations of people
So many surround me...yet none can harm me; only my imagination
Fear and anxiety will not overthrow the truth I have seen here
For I have long since shed my ignorance of such places
As I continue to study my tranquil surroundings, I sip on a poison
One of which rots the body from the inside; oh so slowly...
It makes me wonder how many people take life for granted?
A lifetime is so short, but may be filled by wondrous things
The only ones who truly know what life is have long passed
Only in the afterlife may we be seen as equal, although it is ideal in life
It is also malpracticed in almost every possible way
Manipulated and twisted into the deathtrap of want and greed
A gilded symbol to give a false hope to the afflicted
While it is also a tool for the higher powers to use
This two-edged sword may only be brought down by pen
Words have such power...if used correctly
But the real question: What to say?
Those who surround me remain silent, a brooding moment.
I continue to ponder this dark and ominous thought as I take my leave
Night envelops me, and my visit is buried within history, along with those I leave behind.

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