Title:  Distortion

Author:   2016coleyal
Category:   Anger
Keywords:  See, distortion

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Taking life from a different point of view
Have you ever looked at the other side
Have you ever tried to distort
You can't see what I do
You can't feel what I do
You will never know what it's like to see through the eyes of a disorder
I'm a little crazy
Maybe the dark clouds I see are really snowing down on me
That's why I feel so cold
You can't see what i do
You can't fix what I see
You can't change what I feel
The thought of control fills my needs
You won't understand
How I set my goals
Slowly but surely
Distortion assures me
What do I feel
What do I see
Inside I bleed
From what's controlling me
Maybe the thorns around me
Are topped with roses
I have yet to see
That's why I'm so scratched up
Maybe distortion controls me

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