Title:  Patience

Author:   VentureToAdventure
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  Patient Peace

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Time comes uncomfortable
Enjoyment looks to be incapable
Much time there seems
But with no immediate dreams
I find no love for the presently being
Lost desires currently play the scene
As temptation teams with uncertainty
Plead and reason, my future suture me
Show me a path much unseen
Just over yonder possibly
As I say possibilities live endlessly
But slow the time comes to show
Adventure may not be hidden below
So I carry on living peacefully
Sitting back not bothering reaching
As beauty lies in the patient and faithful
And much gracefulness follows the truthful
As now it comes with a gentle sound
The knowledge kept inside finally found
Grateful my thankfulness starts to compound
My health and security are well abound
Safety and security on lock down
With future considering how much I can get around
Much to seek and much to meet but above all I concede
As along as my patience exists, I pray all of this to keep

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