Title:  Lost at Sea

Author:   Just.A.Girl
Category:   Life
Keywords:  lost

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I’m like a sailboat-
Lost at sea.
Don't know which way to go-
Where to be.
A push of the wind,
Could help or harm.
The right direction,
Or danger's arms.
Watching the horizon,
For a hint, a sign.
To see if what's out there
Is really mine.
Can't tell one way
From the rest.
Maybe now...
We just hope for the best
3-15-2011 1:38am

Comments on "Lost at Sea"
Posted by Just.A.Girl on February 13, 2012
Thanks! I'm not too good at similies or metaphors, so I've been trying to practice

Posted by mherrmann14 on February 07, 2012
I love this one. Such a well written simile.