Title:  Sax-O'phone on friar pose

Author:   amv79
Category:   Angst
Keywords:  Sax, Jazz, Babe, Fluids, Cellophane.

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Goes to Ex'site Step-Daddy lies,
Sax-O'phone on frair pose
Baby-off sitter on diapers rags' clean
the mess around' fed o' pettish
crawl the bucks for me paying twenties
marshmallow fields, fidelity
mother being trained to be
no waitress to condemn my Pedo-Philadelphia lunch feast
I am only here within you in heart,
babe sax chill jazz the sense of time
Baby-on sitter magical pulse, let's get tick-tock toy out of purse.
mess around the play with courtroom scorn,
wasn't to loose you by such jeopardy roulette lust
watch the Media, enjoy Rocky'Road
The Baby need its pimple too
she is a grown up- babe is sane, needs her panties clean
Its hard so deep, majesties, as Neila knows is hard to scheme
Sax-O'phone on friar pose
Its momma on the cellophane, play it soft
but continue body liquid yawn'
fluids all invisible moanin' jazz lecture.

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