Title:  Life itself can be beat

Author:   pologirl9
Category:   Life
Keywords:  life, cruel, beating, strength

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Life is cruel
and life is mean
life can suck
life is a beating

life dropped a load on me
something I struggle to carry
do i deserve it?
maybe, maybe not

but does that matter
truly in the end
somehow I know
the shattered pieces
will eventually mend

my life got taken
taken for a roller coaster ride
I'm holding on tight as I can
afraid of slipping away

I fear falling
not holding my strength
I fear being weak
a fear of vulnerability

I will never allow myself
to be unprotected
I'll never fall into trust
because trust is all a lie

people tell me it isnt fair
people say I should be allowed,
allowed a normal life
I tell them oh well, I deal with it

I deal with it everyday
happiness sometimes comes
I smile and laugh
yes, some days you could say
are perfect

but then I fall
I fall far into a black hole
pulling me in
as I fight back

But still I fall deep down
into the darkness
a few days of darkness
completely black

then the sun comes
and the night is over
Its bright and happy again
I am walking on sunshine

Its like waves in an ocean
splashing up and down
throwing you all around
I love that sound

yes life is cruel
and yes it can be tough
and yes some days
I want to give up

but in the long run
every problem can be overcome
with the strength hidden beneath
yes, life itself can be beat.

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