Title:  Lyrical Chaos

Author:   Just.A.Girl
Category:   Life
Keywords:  lost, pain, confused

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You tell me To, but I don’t know how
Seems all’s that I understand is Why
Yet I can’t see Who’s here now
And all I hear are whispered Lies
The floss wasn’t Strong enough
And the Flame wasn’t sheltered
Undone, a reflected mess, a Bluff
From Above, that gaze swelters
The Wheel that emphasizes the mistakes
The Sea that washes up the hurt
Infinitesimal ideas, that’s all it takes
Lonely nights, the cases concert
Plunging into waters, so High
Reaching for a Hand, getting air
Losing air, Losing the desire, goodbye
Too bad that it’s not fair.

1:04am 12-3-2010

**So this is kind of an odd poem for me. It's abab. And it
probably doesn't make much sense to you. But means a lot to
me. The random capitalizations are references to different
songs. Which still probably doesn't mean much to you. But
thank you for reading it anyway!

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