Title:  My life

Author:   pologirl9
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Too much, hard

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My life, it's all messed up
My life, I can't figure it out
It is quite a wreck right now
And I don't even know how

I don't know how to fix it
All I do is go with it
I wish to be perfect
But that, I know, I cannot be

It is like dolphin dives in a pool
Up and down, in and out
Although that is easy,
Interesting and fun
This is none

Can't there be a magic potion
Taken from some magic ocean
If such existed would I still
Have problems against my will?

Every time I allow myself to fall
I have to pick up it all
It is tiring you see
And so normal I wish to be

A roller coaster life has been
Perhaps it's because of a sin?
Guilty as I am
For letting things fall out of hand

I pay the price everyday
With flashbacks
that get in my way
Why do I cry and whine
When the fault is all mine?

The worst,
Why do people pity me
I'm guilty can't they see
Leave me sad and lonely to be

So along life will go
All I can do is go with the flow
As I am older now and such
Life proves to be far too much

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