Title:  how to find love ? at a cash register

Author:   grunge
Category:   Love
Keywords:  naivety , love ? , liar, idiot haha

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i remember when we met each other
and how you seemed so perfect
i pictured us growing old together
but just beneath the surface
the sunny skies you brought with you
those stupid lies you swore were true
" i promise you baby , hes just an old friend
i love only you , it's me and you till the end "
i believed like an idiot , how could i not see ?
perhaps i was blind, or much worse naive
i miss your lips , even more those eyes
but i mostly miss your perfect lies
be honest , your lies were the best thing you had going
is it better to love , or die never knowing ?

Comments on "how to find love ? at a cash register "
Posted by Just.A.Girl on December 13, 2011
LOVE this!! You work rhymes so amazingly! Thanks for your comment, I greatly appreciate you taking your time to read my poems =] Not so sure that "dark" should describe either of our styles... they're just... life. haha