Title:  A Personal Elegy

Author:   wonderfulblue
Category:   Hope
Keywords:  sea, elegy, God, death

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I am dying inside and I have been for years
Denying the pain, ignoring the tears
But always the thought at the back of my mind
That there’s only one more document to be signed

I wish I could stay here, alone on the coast
With nothing worth having and nothing to boast
of. Just a sad little smile, unseen by all else
save the gulls and seabirds that nest on the shelf

Whenever I sleep, which is not oft, I know,
I dream of the nice things, the sun and the snow
And of flying away with the wind and the sea
Of leaving this prison, I dream to be free

But the sea has a purpose, of this I am sure
It provides and expanse 'tween the sky and the shore
And a home for the sea life, the creatures within
A stark blue to contrast the black that I’m in

But even though I will be finished here soon
Another thought comes as a look at the moon
That eternity there with the King of the Stars
That life will be better, far better by far

And that’s why I’m not here to look at the past
But forward to what it is that will last
The song of my life will not be of mourning
But a celebration of a new life beginning

And so sitting here looking out at the sea
I’ve finished decreeing my own legacy
and I’ve started to write out my own elegy

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