Title:  The Wall

Author:   wonderfulblue
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  wall, overcoming,God,

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The wall stood high and mighty or so it seemed
The man standing before inadequate, lost in a dream

The obstacle insurmountable, untouchable, untamable
The onlooker thought that he’d never be able

To conquer the wall to free his town
He thought that the wall would never fall down

But the man stood before it looked not at the wall
But beyond it at Jesus the ruler of all

And with the authority given to him
By the one who was there with him knew him and loved him

He spoke at the wall
He commanded it’s fall
Down came the wall
Down came the wall!

And the light from beyond shone out at the men
It lit up the town they were both living in

And it caused them to see
This monstrosity
So they chose to be free
They chose to be free!

Now they knew freedom, had freedom to choose freedom to speak, freedom to do

Because now they could see him the ruler of all
Because now they had conquered, vanquished the wall

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