Title:  Fate

Author:   Rextremens
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  Fate

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The life we share,
The moments time raptures,
The burdens we bare to avoid future captors,
In chapters they lie,
Page after page,
Line after line,
Instructing the wise while destroying the blind,
The stories we're told,
Those most crafted scriptures,
The endless blood used to depict sovereign pictures,
In the place of the truth,
Which distorted their measures,
Came instead a subtle deception,
Which grew and grew and nobody knew,
Till one day someone did say,
"What dark skies grew that once shone as blue",
But from great peril came great strength,
Through great peril,
Through time’s length,
There came a solution,
Which bred revolution.

Comments on "Fate"
Posted by Nirtha on July 22, 2013
This was an amazing poem. So much said, and written in a way that flowed nicely.