Title:  Instant

Author:   Chriscowa1
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  you, me, instant

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If time were to become stuck
and could not unstick itself
I would have eternity
to figure out
what that is behind your eyes
or lurking in the corner of you lips
or even that impossible thing
that shimmers in your hair;
the unnameable spectacle
that is so silent
yet so conspicuous.

I would find the words
given all the time in the world;
the ones that craft your smile
or summon a laugh
or paint a blush
on your timeless skin.

We would grow old
before our time
and we would share no more
hopeful whispers
wishing for the perfect moment
to last forever
for my fingers,
tracing an infinite track
on your transient body,
must have told you by now
that I'll never leave you
like tomorrow has

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