Title:  On the Outside

Author:   Just.A.Girl
Category:   Life
Keywords:  guilt, life

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Inadequacy- a terrible guilt
And a heavy conscience filled
The height of the world’s expectations
Living by our own limitations
Never feeling that par is in reach
Convinced that no lessons can teach
You to be what they want you to be
To fit in the world that you see
Because who you are just isn’t enough
Life’s just not supposed to be this rough
Things just don’t really seem right
Not sure if it’s even worth the fight
And all of it’s your fault alone
This mentality you’re starting to own
Told to fit in, but you won’t
You’ve tried so hard, but you don’t
Feeling like a mere inconvenience
As useless as one could be dense
As helpless as rain from a cloud
Only knowing the direction that’s down
So many ways to give up and give in
But each morning you wake up again
Restrained from standing up too tall
Bearing your conscience of flaw
Somehow finding strength to move on
Because one day you’ll be gone…

Comments on "On the Outside"
Posted by Just.A.Girl on February 13, 2012
I completely agree with you! I'm a fairly optimistic and cheerful person. But we have to be in this world full of... well... darkness really.... Technically I've been writting for 8 years now, but moreso the last 5 or 6. Thank you so much for your comments! They are greatly appreciated!

Posted by grunge on December 14, 2011
i copiously enjoy reading your poems. you are very talented, have you been writing long ? people ask why my writing is so melancholy and ominous , i don't have an answer. i really just write about what i see or how i feel. which is a bit odd, because i'm a very optimistic person. i just started writing recently , i love it though ;)