Title:  Why

Author:   Just.A.Girl
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Why

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The microphone stands in
The middle of the stage
The sad eyes may wonder
While the music still plays.
No one was listening
To that beautiful song
Why waste the breathing if
They won't even sing along.
The world whispered lies
It was a losing fight
The silence crept slowly
And nothing seemed quite right.
You claim it's not that bad
But did you feel the pain
You saw me falling
But left me just the same.
The crowd may gather
The tide may even turn
At least there's a message
That's left to be learned.
No mockingbird singing
There are clouds in the sky
Some people may wonder
But I think I know why.

Comments on "Why"
Posted by Just.A.Girl on February 13, 2012
Thank you so much!

Posted by mherrmann14 on February 07, 2012
I've just been reading your poems one by one from top to bottom and every single time I change my favorite ones. To be honest, they are all my favorites! haha =)