Title:  Sick And Tired

Author:   SongChild21
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Corruption, heartache, inconsiderate, crime

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I'm sick and tired...
Sick and tired of hearing about rape
When afterwards, mouths seem to be covered in sellotape.

Sick and tired of hearing 'bout the government
When the last word in their vocabulary is improvement

I've had enough, and I'm through...
Through being surrounded by crime
And I think it's time...
Time I shared my voice
And made a loud noise
About how I feel
'Coz all this is real

I'm sick and tired of the word "murder"
And I think it should go no further

I've had it with corruption
It's as if there's no other option
No one seems to care
And it's just not fair...

Why do we have to suffer? Live under discrimination?
When we can become a united nation?
When we can make this world better?
And live happy together!
Then maybe...just maybe...
I wouldn't be so sick and tired

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