Title:  The nymph of Spring

Author:   Ichthys
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  nymph, spring, muse, youth, purity, glance, smile, rose

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I beheld thy face
in a flower lace.
It led me to purity and youth
as a glance can lead to the truth.
Thou art wild like a tiger,
that maketh thee much wiser.
The promise of a smile,
I get frightened in a while.
A rose on thy left side doeth make me brave,
I see what thou got, and vain's what I gave.

Comments on "The nymph of Spring"
Posted by Ichthys on August 19, 2013
Thanks... She really led me to the truth by a glance.

Posted by marjaug on August 19, 2013
Nice imagery.