Title:  The Maple Tree

Author:   Blackhawk
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  Sunlight, rythm, stars.

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Lying below the maple tree,
leaning your weary head
humming the sweet melody
that makes us fall in love.
falling into the sway of the leaves
our hearts full of dawn lit, memories.

Feel the inspiration flowing through you,
letting the sunlight control you.
Do you know the right thing to do
even though its nothing like your use to.

Take the chance of a lifetime,
let the sounds fill you with their rhythm
and fall into the rhymes of the words.

Take the step into the world of harmony,
and live life the right way.
fluid and brilliant
filling every moment
with something beautiful.

every life is a story,
from the brilliant starlight nights
to the light spilling into every morning.
look over every detail,
miss every small change
that makes life beautiful
till you notice
every little thing.

when you do,
will you make something beautiful.


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