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It was about four a.m. in the morning.
As I was awoken by a loud and powerful
I remember my throat being very dry.
And the burning and redness of my right
At first,i thought it was the drowsiness.
From the medication,that had me feeling high.
No lie,i felt as if I was walking on air,
without a care in the world,i managed to make
it to the bathroom sink.
So I could wash my face a bit,hoping that some-
how,it would help me think.
i'll admit,it did help a little but not enough.
Hell!what can I say,i felt really rough,so after
one hour went by.
I decided to lie back down and get some sleep.
But peep this,thoughts of sheeps,jumping over
Left me half crazed and dazed but after a few
I realized something,that I was tired and
BY Gene Maynor

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