Title:  Honey

Author:   Ale
Category:   Love
Keywords:  Love, Wanting

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How are you doing?
I’m sure you’re doing fine.
Who are you thinking of?
I sure hope it’s me.
Have you planted any flowers?
I have planted quite a few.
How are skies over there?
They’ve been so dull over here.

During my Sunday walk,
I saw a couple fighting.
Spewing words of anger.
I wonder if they’ll be happy.

My hands have grown so cold since then.
I’ll blow on them to make it seem like you are here.
Right beside me where we will be in the future.
I hope that “we” will be.

Yes, I still dream.
Yes, I still dance.
With this brush in my hands,
I’ll paint something on this lonely canvas.

Walking around this world,
Seeking my purpose.
A cat waves to me, so friendly.
Honey, please wait for me.

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