Title:  Untitled

Author:   MyCraft
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  Mountain journey existential existentialist existentialism suicide fall purpose sad jump

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I travel up this mountain on somewhat of a path
I'm with others, but sometimes part to stop alone
I look back, then forward, to see i've made half
Of what distance there's to cover on this long, long road
The journey slows and sidetracks
As the cold bites at all open flesh
Some band together for the security, alone they lack
While others search for the same in independent steps
Everyone has a reason for their exhausting walk
Be it discovered or yet to be found
Yet as i approach the view at the top
I question if it's progress, this distance from the ground
So on my inevitable way back to the base, i look off the edge
How inviting, the trouble i could save with only a jump
So i try it, during the fall bearing only a single regret
Which is having not done this before my walk up

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