Title:  Critical Acclaim in a Classroom

Author:   Sigur Rós
Category:   Musings
Keywords:  Miscellaneous

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terrible really
hours of precious education gone for a burton on daft poetry
endless penning of nonsense insisted to be meaningful

as a wee nipper they were the only thing we did
constant colouring in of the borders of the said verse with flowers kittens aprons coffee mugs
raging toddlers battling for the crayons with which to write for mothers
of punctuation
stuff it
too finicky
irate children howl for the teacher when their poem comes to zilch
comparing their scrap with the immaculate sheet of sheen of their neighbour

so it was thus that one day i myself gave it a go
hoping for results like those obtained by my predecessors
of eloquent language and opulent imagery
we being of only five years of age at the time of course
lying round the reception class all day
distinguishing between the fantasies of unicorns in our heads and of the stranger danger outside

but alas and alack mine just did not work
eloquence hoped for was as few and far between as the teeth springing up in my gums

so cross was i that mine was inferior to those of my classmates
i crumpled it up and threw it in the bin
my teacher sneered and placed a gnarled hand upon my shoulder
purloining the ball of paper from the bin as she did so
laying it out flat on the table
eloquence absence and all

brandishing her glasses from atop her head
utilising the gold chain that kept them safely around her shoulders to full effect
to begin to read the mess that i had written

too silly
her only comment
i was upset
skulked off

on any other day would i have retired and sulked in the corner on a bean bag
not today though
even though she had dismissed my work as useless

shocked was the reaction of my parents though
notably good is this poetry for a boy of five years such as myself apparently
utterly bewildered were my parents
called me a child prodigy
kiss goodbye to family idiocy for i was a genius

the problem was that i could not fit in
how trivial it seemed that my intelligence singled me out amongst my peers
eventually i tried to regress and failed and my attempts were lampooned

never was someone wiser born so they said
elevated from beneath and to beyond but i know i was too good too soon because
the acrostic should be simple but this one snuck the net

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