Title:  Evening Courting

Author:   Sigur Rós
Category:   Musings
Keywords:  Miscellaneous

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I sit up for hours in a pungent pit
My eyes bleary cracks
Artificial light blares out loud shit
Can’t relax

Hours pass without my noticing
Two tissues down, still counting
Artificial fun’s coaxing
I’ve become the man on the screen
He’s wanking for hours and snuffling
Rootling in his own muck

Sense of time evades us
I am nocturnal with the millions of other anonymous penes
Minutes slow down as faces pass fleetingly in the darkness
We muscle in on each other’s soul mates

Dick done
Next for a cheap thrill
Finger working tirelessly
My world is ill

Write a poem instead
To kid myself I’m alright
That it doesn’t matter that I’m a lonely adult
High on false hope night after night

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