Title:  What Is Important to Me (Attempt 4)

Author:   Sigur Rós
Category:   Musings
Keywords:  Miscellaneous

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To repeat oneself is a sign of senility,
That is what my father once said,
Or twice, or thrice,
Or four or five times.
Come to think of it, he always repeated it.
‘To repeat oneself is a sign of senility’,
That’s what my father told me, yes,
My mother gabbled an awful lot about
The state of the country and the education system;
And thus, remarkably, she also liked to repeat herself
(But not really in the same way).
I do try not to repeat myself,
But it is important to me to get my point across, because
I might not get heard, even though my father did once tell me, believe it or not,
That ‘To repeat oneself is a sign of senility.’
Who’d have credited that, eh?
When Ma and Pa were gone, I found myself struggling;
Repetition became not so forthcoming; it swooned;
I swooned.
To repeat oneself is a sign of senility, by all accounts,
But I don’t know, because,
If to repeat oneself were a sign of senility,
Would not a daily routine also become futile in the fight against repetition?
Nay, when you look at it,
To repeat oneself is a sign of security, of comfort,
Of a little boy lost in a world of rapid change.
IAmStillHereIAmStillHere IAm StillHere IAm StillHere I am
I am still here I Am still here I am

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