Title:  I'm Loving that Girl

Author:   Vhanfire
Category:   Love
Keywords:  love that girl

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Hot sun gets even hotter
As it signals for the blooming of flowers
This time hearts grow fonder
Like a falling leaf on a flowing river

Skies are clear and feelings are vague
Sometimes I let her, sometimes I beg
And clock runs round and round
'till quandary is all i found

We split like twigs of tree
Half committed, quarterly free
Lurid words, drive poem crazy
Astonished and confused like quarterly

A butterfly flew on my lonesome heart
Just like a dot, there all it starts
It paints a dawn with gray
And abyss on the morning rays

That butterfly has pollen on her feet
And I know she'll leave, after we met
But I'll stay on shower of falling sleet
While setting my back ready for my defeat

As she waves her wings, she made a swirl
I can't move as she bid farewell
'cause deep inside I can feel
That oh! I'm loving that girl.

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