Title:  Untitled

Author:   Texasgirl
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  Heal within

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Do we ever truly heal within?
Do our souls confess our deepest thoughts;
And our hearts experience love and loss?
Are we honest with ourselves; as honest as we can be,
Do we cherish what we have or always feel half empty?
Do we allow others what we have to give;
No matter what they might need in the very end?
Do we ever truly stop to enjoy the little things in life;
Do we ever stop and embrace those precious moments untouched by time?
Do we ever truly rely on someone else for security;
Or know without a doubt whos arms should hold us tightly?
Do we ever find peace that fully allows us time spent alone;
Do we ever honestly look within to know our desires are our own?
Do we ever truly heal from all the suffering in the end;
Tell me please, do we ever truly heal within?

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