Title:  A Sister's Lullaby

Author:   reckless.redemption
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Life, Advice

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Perfection is what you're lookng for
but it's nothing but a dream.
Direction shows you all the doors
but it hides all their keys.
Happiness is lack of thought
that would expose all the pain.
Wisdom is just another trophy
you won't know when it's gained.

Their loud words contain nothing, child
that helps you much in life.
They're striving clueless just like you
but pretend and you'll survive.

Education will replace your brain,
you'll learn to just accept.
Legislation forces you to do
what other people said.
Communication always failed
since no one wants to hear.
Love is a simple fairytale
blighted by pride and fear.

But see now that's not what they'd say
"Life's a bitch indeed."
To curb your worries they will lie
and be a family.

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