Title:  Disaster girl.

Author:   Jazzxoxo
Category:   Life
Keywords:  heartache, betrayal, cancer, love, pain

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She was born a happy baby,
to a young and loving couple.
But once drugs hit the mix,
their relationship was in trouble.

Before too long,
one day daddy was gone.
Pain weighed heavy in their hearts,
but they had to push on.

Years go by,
she's now in middle school.
Drinking and drugs are accepted,
and skipping school was "cool."

This was the beginning,
her infestation of addictions.
Maybe things could have been different,
if someone would have just listened.

Chugging potent liquids so young,
combining lethal drug cocktails.
Not a care in the world,
she wallowed in her own hell.

The corruptive summer is over,
High school arrives.
But addictions grabbed on tighter,
its a wonder she survived.

Next she caught charges,
and police kept at the door.
Mama packed them up and moved,
couldn't take it anymore.

Exposed to the city life,
the girl started to transform.
After one more arrest,
she didn't want trouble anymore.

Then she fell in love,
she thought he could be the one.
But he had other plans,
he just wanted to cheat and have fun.

After a little over a year,
whoops surprise pregnancy.
Her relationship was crumbling,
she was afraid she wasn't ready.

It's not like she even had a chance,
ten days later her baby dies insider her.
A week later her man leaves her,
he said it would be different this time LIAR!

Her heart grew heavy with pain,
she held her head down in shame.
Not too long later,
another nasty surprise came.

A devil known as cancer,
that infectious fucking bastard!
He stole away three loved ones,
her will to live expired.

Downward she spiraled,
she found comfort in painkillers and booze.
Fuck it was her motto,
she felt she had not much else to lose.

But a voice spoke in her head one day,
'Stop feeling sorry for yourself and push on.
You can't give up now,
you've been through a lot and the pain will never been gone.
But you have so much to live for,
your life has only just begun.
You'll see your loved ones again one day,
forget your pain and do something you've never done.'

That day she did,
she found forgiveness in the forest.
She pulled the plug,
pain drained and replaced with happiness.

Months go by,
she felt she was at her best.
But the loneliness took over,
she started to regress.

Then she met a man,
her made her feel so alive.
He fought tough battles too,
even cancer and survived.

But he was very "hands on",
didn't take long for true colors to show.
One morning he took it too far,
she knew she had to let him go.

The bruises and the pain,
wasn't nothing to how she felt inside.
As he held her up by her throat,
something inside her died.

Feeling so lost and hopeless,
months go by and she can't let anyone in.
What the fucks the point,
just to be hurt again?

To strangers she may seem bitter,
but inside she cries for help.
She needs her friends the most now,
but instead says "I'll handle this myself."

Too afraid of judgment,
she hides in the shadows.
Her rage and raw emotion building,
with each time she swallows.

She used to love so hard,
now betrayal is all she knows.
She has lost a piece of her identity,
more and more reclusive she grows.

From now shes on her own,
focusing solely on her future.
She used to be such a people person,
if only you had known her.

You may be wondering who she is,
who could she possibly be.
well ladies and gentleman,
the disaster girl is me.

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