Title:  Where;d you go...?

Author:   Jazzxoxo
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Dad, father, deadbeat, sad

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Thoughts and memories,
pouring from my mind.
Tears fall from my eyes,
as I reminisce on past times.
Things I can't shake,
where did you go?
Your shame of me engulf your pride?
I'll never know.
Wish you would of been there,
when I needed you the most.
Wasn't there to watch me grow,
no reasons for you to boast.
Shattered dreams, broken heart,
all because you were never there.
I didn't ask for much,
just for you to show you care.
I couldn't be what you wanted,
wasn't perfect in your eyes.
Never looked me in the face,
I seen through your disguise.
I'm growing up to be successful,
something you never thought I'd be.
I've always had potential,
something you didn't see.
I wish I could of counted on you,
all my life I've felt so empty.
One thing I'll never forget,
my daddy didn't want me.

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