Title:  Words Left Unspoken

Author:   LetGoOfOnceLoved
Category:   Life
Keywords:  lies lies lies

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In the silence of night he makes his plead, as the negative things he wants to say sit in the back of his mind just to bleed. The things he says, almost never what he intends, but said more just to make his ‘innocent’ amends. With so much more he wants to say, the man says he’s sorry then casually walks away, as the man walks away he makes his plan, to prevent all the evil things he possibly can. The next time a conflict erupts, within the train of negative thoughts, the man’s positive thought interrupts. The man doesn't show it, but secretly he is depleting, on the inside he’s being beaten, he’s broken, about to collapse. He would cry out for help, but he feels too victorious. For his goal in the beginning was to make others feel glorious. He doesn't want to break, and show his real weakness, because others believe he is full of uniqueness. What they don’t know, is the man is really just a coward. Hiding in the lies he tells that create a monstrous tower. As the man goes deeper, down the towers stairs, into the dark rooms and the downward light blares, he takes another step down, as nobody cares… He keeps stepping down these oblivious stairs… He tells another lie, not knowing the consequence… He tries to conclude but it makes no sense, why is his mind getting so intense? He can’t hold back anymore, he just lies more and more, the things he truly wants to say just up and soar, away into the light where they fade and disappear. He walks into the last room… he looks into a mirror, he finds a gun on the ground and grasps it tightly, he puts it to his head, and he says he is sorry, for all he has done. He wants to end it all with this pathetic gun, he decides his fate, and he shoots the gun… He has satisfied others, and made their life as bright as the sun. But he ended that all with this pathetic gun.

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