Title:  City Lights

Author:   Just.A.Girl
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Depression, hurt

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Standing near the ledge
The sky looks so pretty
Wind blows her hair
Above the noise of the city
Engines hum in unison
Lights twinkle, music plays
People pass on by
Finishing up their days
The sun is hiding now
She can barely see the stars
Her eyes look down to
Examine all her scars
So insignificant is
Her life here in this place
Fingers reach to feel
Tears fall down her face
Alone in this moment
Unwanted and used
No one to help her
So tattered and abused
Her toes try to guide her
Feeling freedom of the fall
She can’t help but wonder
Would they miss her at all?
The world keeps moving
People keep passing by
Would she find freedom
If she fell to the sky?
Questions unanswered
Another scar is made
She turns her back around
And fights another day

CEC 10-28-2013 5:20pm

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