Title:  When We Met

Author:   Geremij
Category:   Love
Keywords:  Love, Wish, Lust, meet

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From across the room I stare,
thoughts of you and me making a pair,
so I want to say “Hey,
with those arms, a dragon you can slay”.

In admiration of your beauty,
I feel obliged as if it was my duty,
to talk to you and show,
that my lust for you will overflow.

I walk next to you, and I open my mouth,
but no sound comes out,
walking away with nerves triggered,
I wonder if my words you would have considered.

The story continues, my eyes are on you,
but next to you I feel like a shrew,
slowly building up confidence,
and easing the muscles which are tense.

We have a mutual friend,
which to you I want to send,
I follow him and he introduces us,
and about that moment I still fuss.

You say hello, I smile,
the words in my mind only pile,
but I don’t say anything,
I wish I get us into a fling.

I regret not being able to say a word,
your voice in my mind is still being heard,
I look forward to meet you again,
and ease you of any pain.


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