Title:  Where Do All the Teachers Go?

Author:   zrace
Category:   Children
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Inspired by Peter Dixon’s “Where Do All the Teachers Go”?
By Sahr – a second grader

Where do teachers go afterschool?
Do they wash their dirty dirty clothes or wash their dirty dirty socks?
Do they pick their nose like you?

Do they put on their candy pajamas?
Do they watch baby shows?
Do they write very sloppy?

Do they live with other teachers?
Do their moms and daddies love them still?
Were they ever bad and evil?

Were they ever evil and break stuff and kick somebody?
Did they ever make easy mistakes that kids can do?
Did they ever eat the chocolate flakes?

Did they ever lose their homework?
Did they ever leave college?
Did they ever scribble scribble diddle when they were adults?

I’ll go home today and print it out on the Internet.
Then I’ll put it in an embarrassing way.

Comments on "Where Do All the Teachers Go?"
Posted by moontigerntn on October 04, 2015
loved it! nicely written.

Posted by Darkevin on April 18, 2015
What is the name of the site for people older than 7? Go ride your bigwheel, but don't stumble onto MY block. I don't wanna make you pee yourself.

Posted by OTownPete on April 21, 2014
The reading of poems such as this certainly allows one to see just how different everyone's minds are. Interesting for sure.

Posted by KathyB on April 20, 2012
You made me laugh! I am a teacher, and I remember when a kindergarten student of mine asked me if I slept in my classroom at night. He just thought I stayed in that room. They don't picture teachers as having families, etc., unless we talk about our families. Very nice poem. I'm glad you shared that.

Posted by RianPitan on February 03, 2012
You have written a cute poem zrace. I love it! Please write more poems and share with everyone. :-)