Title:  The Revolver

Author:   lavender_gymnast
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  chamber, shot, felt

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His palms were sweaty as he tried to pull my trigger
my chambers had a familiar feeling
I had been loaded with one round
I hate playing this game knowing in the end
someone will die,

The head I could see in front of me
looked to be an innocent women
Old but innocent

We all hold secrets however
using me like this?
it was a little extreme

Here I thought Russian Roulette was a game
but it turns into murder quickly

I tried to stop the shot for I could not speak
I was just the utensil used to carry out this ruthless murder

I expected one shot to come from me but no
3 ! blood rushing from her sweet body everywhere

the wielder of me now
crying but laughing he must be sick

but so am I
I has laughed a bit as well

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