Title:  Disappearance

Author:   markov44
Category:   Fun
Keywords:  One of life's mysteries

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I'd be as sly
as the sliest fox
if only I solved
the mystery of my socks

They emerge from the washer
so fresh and so clean
black, blue, brown,
an occasional green

I am not especially confident
yet I manage some smiles
when I gaze at the solids,
plaids and even argyles

Into the dryer
purged of all lint
my socks disappear
without the slightest hint

I've checked lost and found
posted alerts
all the while thankful
I've not lost my shirts

Despite the sock mystery
my feet won't go bare
for a fistful of dollars
I'll buy a new pair

Comments on "Disappearance"
Posted by RianPitan on December 03, 2013
What a great poem! I love the topic. This is a mistery which has always confounded me. I've often wondered if department stores hire invisible gremlins to steal our socks so that we must keep buying more. :-)