Title:  Selfish

Author:   Just.A.Girl
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Suicide, depression, anxiety

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She told them she cried at night
Showed the scars on her arms
They didn’t listen to her
Try to free her from harm
She told them she needed help
And all but asked them to stay
Needed someone to listen
But they left her anyway
She was empty, yet again
Dropped her arms to her side
Turned to a vacant room
Tried her best not to cry
All alone in the darkness
Thoughts working against her
Weary from trying
The pain’s what convinced her
It wasn’t the first time
That the idea had arisen
For too many years
Anxiety kept her in prison
“Someone might miss me,
But how can I stay?”
It’s a beautiful world,
But she left it anyway.

CEC 12-3-2013 8:30pm

Comments on "Selfish"
Posted by littlewordsmith on December 12, 2013
This is so beautifully written and I relate to it so much. Well done.

Posted by Just.A.Girl on December 03, 2013
Thank you for your comment! I greatly appreciate it!

Posted by RianPitan on December 03, 2013
Another great poem you've written! "Some might miss me, but how can I stay?"...this line pretty much says it all about the contemplation of suicide...very insightful.