Title:  Clumsy

Author:   Just.A.Girl
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Life, hurt

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You turned music on
And told me to dance
But somehow I twisted
My ankle by chance
So you set up the
Microphone and said "sing"
I parted my lips, but
No voice could I bring
You picked me up, let go
And told me to fly
But my wings were torn…
I fell from so high
Tight rope, trapeze
You had me try them all
But yet I always
Found some way to fall
You opened the door
And pushed me up to
I tripped on the threshold,
Just couldn’t go through
I looked away from the light
When you guided my way
Scared to walk on my own
But I said I’ll be okay
I may trip and I’ll stumble
I’ll get lost on my own
I’ll be scared, I’ll get hurt
And I’ll face the unknown
Every failure, every attempt
I’ve followed your track
I didn’t care where I was…
But now I want my life back.

2-10-2012 1:04am

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